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Editorial Comment

Here we go again . . .

Intermat 2012 is over and I am back in the UK with a case full of memory sticks, each loaded with informaton on new products, not so new products and products of questonable

age. You know what I mean - “That looks too familiar to be new.”

Some of these, Contractors World, will already have writen about as they were ofen launched at earlier events - but you can look forward to many pages from all the familiar companies as well as some lesser known ones with, nevertheless, interestng products or services.

I will also have met with some interestng senior management to get the exclusive statements on how they see markets, economies and products developing to meet changing demands.

Contractors World take a further step

Having spent the last 30 months developing the concept for Contractors World magazines and to establish an industry leading digital format - in a format that the industry would accept and fully appreciate - it is now tme to move on to the next step.

Now, with close to 40,000 readers per month and page views close to 500,000 per month, we have now established comprehensive advertsing sales management services providing worldwide coverage

The Media Sales House is a comparatvely new, London-based company with an innovatve approach to marketng and representng trade magazines. Not only are they able to recognise and develop unique opportunites, but they also have the entrepreneurial flair to help Contractors World rapidly grow their magazine portolio.

From May 1 2012, The Media Sales House assumed full responsibility for all advertsing and promotonal marketng and associated administraton. This will be done under the guidance of Paul Robertshaw actng as Global Advertsing Director for Contractors World Magazines

We have also appointed Darren Dunay as Advertsing Director for North and South America who will work under the guidance of The Media Sales House. Darren has in-depth knowledge not only of North America but worldwide with extensive experience in the constructon, mining and related industries.

With Paul (The Media Sales House) and Darren on board, Contractors World Magazines can more quickly develop and advance e-magazine technology to further increase reader enjoyment and interaction, for the beneft of advertsers.


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Roger Lindley Publisher / Editor

Page 4 Contractors World - Internatonal Vol 3 No 4

Page 4 - cw-3-2

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