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Liebherr LB 24 rotary drilling rig with Kelly

The company GEOTEKNIK was engaged to build a foundation pi support with a wall of drilled piles with 800 mm diameter and 30 m length. For this constructon work the company chose its Liebherr LB 24 rotary drilling rig fted with a 4-fold Kelly bar.

Difcult soil conditons were encountered during drilling. At this stage of the construction process they used a Liebherr rock auger AU-P (progressive type, 780 mm diameter) and a Liebherr core barrel CB-RB (cutng edge with roller bits, 780 mm diameter). Furthermore, Liebherr provided personnel support. An application engineer and a technical advisor visited the jobsite in Turkey in order to provide advice. Liebherr drilling tools finally allowed for rapid drilling progress with less wear due to their high quality. Finally the contractor was able to contnue and complete the job well on time. Liebherr offers drilling tools with special features for challenging construction projects, such as a remote-controlled casing drive adapter to connect and disconnect the casings.

The LB series offers an ideal addition to the existing range of combined piling and drilling rigs of the LRB series. The design of the LB series is based on Liebherr’s many years of experience with deep foundation applications and considers even the heaviest demands, which are nowadays made on modern rotary drilling

rigs. The machines in the LB series have been designed for Kelly drilling, contnuous fight auger drilling, double rotary drilling and soil mixing applicatons.

The new LB 24 rotary drilling rig is compact and is therefore predestined for operation in limited spaces. Basic machine and leader can be transported in one piece. Leader top and leader botom are foldable. Its minimum clearance and transport width is a mere 3.39 m. This allows for quick and easy transportaton of the rig and thus for fexibility in jobsite assignment. The rig has been designed for drilling diameters of up to 1.9 m and drilling depths down to 58 m. A significant advantage of the LB 24 is the rope crowd system with 32 t pull and 32 t push force. This provides the operator with maximum performance and reliability even with the most difficult soils and extreme operational conditions. A unique technical feature of the LB 24 is the solid design of the leader as well as the extremely robust


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of 1.5 to 32 tons. The tltrotator and other operatons can be controlled quickly and simultaneously straight from the cab”, said Semco’s Graham Murphy.

“Tiltrotators are a powerful tool that facilitates and ratonalises your work and raises your proftability. It also helps improve workplace safety. These versatle atachments have become a standard concept in the Scandinavian constructon and installaton industry. Today, almost no excavators and backhoe loaders under 30 tonnes are sold in those countries without one.

“A tltrotator allows you to work faster and more easily, with greater precision. It improves your overall proftability and enables you to expand your range of services. Other proft-enhancing aspects include reduced ground wear and simultaneous multtasking.

“A great advantage is the ability to dig at any angle you choose. In a way it means you can use a conventonal tailswing excavator, or even a larger model machine in an applicaton where you might normally expect to require a smaller zero-turn unit.

“Utlites contractors can carry out tght jobs with minimal trafc obstructon or lane closures. We’re also ofering the Engcon tltrotator with an optonal variable control handgrip kit and a double coupler system for rapid detachment and re-deployment on other machines”, he said.

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