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Operators rate updated Potain Igo T

In 2010 Manitowoc upgraded the performance of the Potain Igo T 85 self-erecting crane, improving the crane’s reach, capacity and ease of operaton. Further enhancements resulted in the Igo T 85 A of today.

Afer a year in the feld, Manitowoc polled a cross-secton of users in Germany to gather feedback on the practcalites of using the new crane.

Manitowoc assessed the crane’s performance in Germany on a variety of diferent applicatons and with operators who had a range of diferent experience levels. Those experience levels varied from occasional crane operators to contractors with over 15 years of experience.

The operators were asked to evaluate the crane on eight criteria, including accuracy, overall productvity, comfort and intuitveness of operaton. They scored the crane on a scale of 1 to 10 for each of these areas, and on average the crane received a score of 8.15 out of 10.

The highest scoring categories were “confidence” - meaning the operators felt safe and confident while operatng, and “fexibility” - where the operators liked the ability to adjust the crane’s configuration. Although the feedback was largely positve, there were suggestons for improvements.

Vincent Mi lan, senior product manager for self-erecting cranes, said all the real world feedback - both positive and negative - is critical in the product design rocess.

“We tested the frst cranes in a variety of situatons – from residental constructon to bridge building - and in each situaton the operators gave the crane consistently high scores, but were very honest in all areas. We will use this informaton as we contnue to refne the crane for future deliveries,” he said.

Improvements to the Igo T 85 A include a new slewing mechanism, which is already being used successfully on Potain’s range of top-slewing tower cranes. The mechanism helps operators improve accuracy, especially when placing loads, says Milan.

“This system allows operators to maintain accuracy at required speeds, with or without a load on the hook. It also allows them to adjust the speed of movements to suit diferent operatons or driver preferences,” he said. “For example, some delicate positioning might require a slow speed, while duty cycle work might require faster operatons.”

An increase in hook height of 3 m is also part of the redesign. The crane now has a maximum hook height of 38 m when working with its jib in a horizontal positon, or 51 m when the jib is lufed to its maximum angle. The crane is able to ofer this increased working height by ftng another latce secton to its mast. It means that when working with the jib in the horizontal positon, the crane can ofer working heights from 20 m to 38 m.

Also, the crane’s capacity at its 45 m jib end is improved. It can lift a maximum of 1,400 kg at the jib end, up 150 kg from the previous version, when working in two-fall reeving.

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kinematcs with large cross secton.

The LB 24 is equipped with the proven Litronic control system which is based on a CANBUS system of the latest generaton. This control system does not only include programmes for the applicaton of the various drilling methods but also provides clear informaton on service requirements and possible defaults. A modem for remote diagnosis as well as a process data recording system for documentaton of the work carried out are available as cartridge.

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