Page 10 - Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 7

Page 10
Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 7
Terex Cranes show their capabilities
both sides of the Atlantic working
with heavy lifts
Lifting Lattice
Floodlight Towers
at Port
For the BBL Lüneburg railway construction company, crane
service provider Lange Krandienst GmbH recently dismantled
four lattice floodlight towers at the Deutsche Bahn rail yard
located at the Rostock Port. The company used a Terex AC350/6,
together with a Terex AC 80 as an auxiliary crane for a tandem
lift, which proved to be quite demanding.
With a total length of only 16.7 (54.8 ft) meters, the AC
is the smallest Terex 6 axle and most compact mobile
crane in the 350 tonne capacity class.
With a length of 12.11 meters, the Terex AC 80 2 is the shortest four axle crane in the 80 tonne capacity class. A
maximum load moment is 255 meter tonnes powered by a 422 HP diesel engine, which together with a convenient 6
speed automatic transmission gives the crane its good handling performance.
This approach proved to be so cost effective that it enabled Lange to outbid an alternative solution that was being
considered: the use of a helicopter.
The recently completed multi year renovation project for the rail yard facilities at the Rostock Port rendered the lattice
floodlight towers, used to illuminate the various working areas, obsolete.
Planners realized that dismantling the four lattice towers would be quite a challenge, as each seven tonne, 32 m high
tower would have to be lifted over the 60 m wide track bed. And to make things even harder, the project’s schedule
would have to be extremely tight, to interrupt rail traffic as little as possible.