Page 14 - Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 7

Picking the Right Crane
The 600 ton (500 t) Terex AC 500 2 All Terrain crane represents a
major shift for Solley Crane. When Ray Solley started the company
years ago, the thought of operating a crane and rigging service
hadn’t yet entered his mind. “I wanted to find a place for my family
and put my civil engineering and construction experience to work,”
he says.
Ray Solley initially focused on construction and maintenance
projects for the heavy industrial businesses located in the Decatur
market. The purchase of a used crane led to expansion into the
concrete business. “We were blessed with success, and we
continued buying bigger and bigger cranes,” he recalls.
During the recession of the mid 1980s, the company shifted
away from the concrete business and evolved into the crane and
rigging powerhouse it is today. To serve the diverse industrial,
chemical, agricultural and utility business base in the region, Solley
Crane amassed a wide variety of traditional, equipment including
hydraulic truck and rough terrain cranes. They also offer helicopter
crane service. “We have 50 lifting pieces, and a large portion of the
cranes are Terex,” says Ray Solley.
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Grove gets the wind up again!
The Grove GTK1100 owned by Polish company, Viatron, has already assembled
many wind turbines in the country. It can assemble a 2 MW turbine on a 105
m tower in a single day. The ability to assemble wind turbines so quickly is a
function of its unique capabilities, including a simple transport configuration,
fast rigging, minimal ground space requirements and the option of lifting
without a counterweight.
Igor Pawela, CEO of Viatron, says that although the crane is now well-
accepted among its customer base, many people needed to see it working to
be persuaded of its capabilities.
The initial introduction of the GTK concept to wind turbine owners
required a lot of education,” he says. “ The crane can lift without
counterweights, which means it’s cheaper and easier to move and assemble,
but many customers struggled to visualize how this was possible. They really
did need to see it to believe it.”
The most popular wind turbine on the Polish sites is a 2 MW unit from
Vestas. At a height of 105 m, they are among the tallest in the industry.
These units are comprised of four mast sections, weighing between 42 t and
t, and a nacelle that weighs 71 t, without the hub. In addition to numerous Vestas
units, Viatron has also erected three 1.5 MW GE turbines and two of Vensys’ 1.5 MW units.
For larger lifts it can work with a 56 t counterweight – a relatively small amount compared to other types of crane
tackling the same lift.
Igor Pawela said that in addition to its on-site benefits, customers like the smaller size of convoy when moving the
GTK on public roads
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