Page 15 - Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 7

If someone was to tell you that there is a
th Century castle in the Napa Valley,
California, you would probably say that
they’d had too much wine.
Well, they could be right. This is not a
th Century original but a good copy,
and, unlike so many amazing structures in
the USA, this one is quarried stone - not
carved polystyrene blocks.
Castle Concrete
Pumping Builds
a Castle
There is a belief that the older the grape vine, the better the wine. This ‘slow growth is better’ idea may also apply to a
project 15 years in the making and a concrete pumping company that grew along with the project.
The Castello Di Amorosa is an authentically-styled, 13th century medieval Tuscan-style castle and a Napa Valley
landmark thanks to the vision of the owner and the dedicated construction crews that saw it through to completion.
Started as an 8,500 ft² (790 m²) project, it grew to its finished size of more than 121,000 ft² (11,240 m²). It incorporates
medieval construction techniques that qualify the structure as a true castle complete with moat, drawbridge, high walls,
towers, a great hall, courtyards, secret passageways and, of course, a torture chamber.
Located in Napa Valley’s Diamond Mountain District, the castle is owned by Dario Sattui who was fascinated by
medieval castles and their construction from an early age. The Sattui family has owned vineyards in Napa for many years
and their V. Sattui Winery is only five miles from the 170 acre castle site purchased in the early 1990s.
Construction started in 1994. “We had done some work at the Sattui Winery and we were asked to submit a bid