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Moscow Metro
Plans Make
Construction of Lermontovsky Prospekt and
Zhulebino Subway Stations is on schedule, and they
are going to open in September 2013”, Moscow
Mayor, Sergey Sobyanin, said when he recently visited
the construction site.
USK MOST is one of the leading contractors for
the construction of the new section of the capital’s
subway system.
T h e c o n s t r u c t i o n p r o g r am f o r Mo s c ow
subway includes extension of the Taganskaya -
Krasnopresnenskaya Line with a section that will
have three more stations: Lermontovsky Prospekt,
Zhulebino, and Kotelniki.
Tu n n e l l e n g t h b e t we e n Z h u l e b i n o a n d
Lermontovsky Prospekt stations is 1,590 m for the left-
hand tunnel and 1,574 m for the right-hand tunnel
m. The tunnels are, on average, at the depth
of 15 m.
Zhulebino Station will be 400 m long with a 350 m
turnaround dead end beyond the station.
Representatives of the general contractor,
explained to Moscow Mayor that the total length of
the section under construction is 6.6 km and they also
confirmed that the inauguration of Kotelniki Station,
which is scheduled for the year 2015, could happen
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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 7