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Contractors World - InternationaVol 3 No 7
six concrete rings per shift or 1.4 equivalent meters
of lining. Each ring is composed of seven reinforced
concrete segments, which are installed by a tunnel
lining machine.
The tunnel lining machine that is part of the
Tunnelling System is controlled by an operator from a
special control panel. The tunnelling is scheduled for
completion in before the end of November 2012
Over 70 metro construction sites
allotted in first six months of 2012
As of July 1, 2012, Moscow’s Department of Land
Resources has approved 73 land-plot lease contracts
for the design and construction of metro facilities
with a total area of more than 130 hectares. This
is all part of an effort to improve Moscow’s transit
infrastructure and to ensure further development.
In all, 12 sites for the construction of metro
stations along the new Kalininsko - Solntsevskaya
line have been awarded. Sixteen more sites for
the construction of five facilities along the Third
Contour, due to comprise the Nizhnyaya
Maslovka, Khoroshovskaya and Delovoi Tsentr
Business Centre) stations, have also been awarded.
Seven sites have been allotted along the
Zamoskvoretskaya line. Five sites have been
allotted along the Butovskaya line from the Ulitsa
Starokachalovsksya station in the direction of the
Bitsevsky Park station.
On e mo r e s i t e w i l l a c c ommo d a t e t h e
Suvorovskaya station on the Circle Line.
In addition, three sites have been awarded
between the Sokolnicheskaya line’s Yugo-Zapadnaya
station and the planned Rumyantsevo station.
There are five sites between the Vykhino and
Kotelniki stations. And two more sites between the
Mitino and Pyatnitskoye Motorway metro stations.
Contracts for these have already been awarded.
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Lovat and Herrenknecht tunnel boring machines, complete
with tunnel lining systems, are the main drivers for the many
tunnel in the Moscow Metro expansion programme.
Tunnel lining segments are produced at a convenient
prefabrication yard.