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City of Omsk
metro system
also being
A metro system is being installed in
the city of Omsk to help ease cross city travel and road congestion.
Work on the construction of the Omsk Metro is being conducted
around the clock by NGO “Mostovik” using a Lovat TBM and lining
system which is driving at a rate of approximately seven meters per
To increase the rate of penetration tunnelling contractors are
enlarging the pit at the one of the main stations on the route. This
will allow the use of two of the more material trucks to speed up
removal of tunnel spoil.
Once we start full production, soil penetration rate will exceed 11 meters per day. These results will come by the
end of September”, said Alexander Yankov, chief of construction of one of the sections.
By the end of 2012, specialist contractors will have completed 1.5 kilometres of right tunnel to station “Zarechnaya”
and 673 meters of the left tunnels to the chamber at ‘The Crystal’ station/ Here the boring machine will be dismantled
and the tunnel linked into the previously constructed 888 meter tunnel.
All five stations on the first line are scheduled to be completed by 2016, the 300th anniversary of the city of Omsk.
Altogether, NGO “Mostovik” is the general designer and general contractor for the construction of three subway lines
The total number of construction workers employed exceeds 300 people. “At the moment the speed of the Lovat
tunnel boring is set at 7 meters per day” said the head of SMU-44, Alexander Yankov. “At this stage the tunnelling train
moves in dense clay, which affects the speed of work. Among the complexities of the geology is the high water table
which requires a special solution of soil conditioning. “
Driving the 1533 meters right tunnels to the station “Zarechnay” is scheduled to be completed next spring.
Most advanced in Russia
Omsk subway is the first automatic metro in Russia with
the most modern rolling stock, which does not require
the presence of the driver. This innovative concept
developed by association, to reduce significantly the
volume of the building, its cost, and the timing, but
it will increase the quality of consumer and safety
Omsk Metro federal and regional budgets for
construction in the current year provided more than
billion rubles. Over the next three years, the federal
budget for the construction of the underground will be
at least 1 billion annually.
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