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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 7
W.S. Tyler’s XL-Class
Vibrating Screens
The XL-Class Vibrating Screen from
W.S. Tyler combines advanced
exciter drive technology with a wide
body to offer better screening action
and more throughput. Larger than
any other vibrating screen from
W.S. Tyler, the XL-Class is intended
for high tonnage production rates,
yet designed for low maintenance,
easy ope rat i on and unmatched
Traditionally developed for copper and
iron ore, the XL-Class is suitable for almost
any application, which either requires above
average production rates and/or above standard process
Exciter drive technology ensures smooth operation and high uptime.
The linear stroke is generated by counter weights which are mounted on
two machined shafts and spin in opposite direction via two heavy duty spur gears
mounted in a nodule iron casting. In addition to better operation, the exciter design increases
bearing life up to 50,000 hours.
Designed for the highest production rates, the XL-Class offers large screening surfaces, up to 390 feet² (36 m²),
allowing it to replace up to two inclined screens in virtually the same footprint. This enables the XL-Class to effectively
handle incredible production rates up to 15,000 tons per hour and cut sizes from 1/4- to 5 inches with varying degrees of
Latest Large Doosan Excavator Further Extends Range Upgrade
With two out of the range of seven DX excavators upgrade to the 3 series, the latest model to get the treatment is the
Doosan DX380LC-3.
With the new Stage IIIB compliant
engine, the latest excavator offers as
standard several features including
i mp r o v e d v i s i b i l i t y, c omf o r t ,
controllability and ease of operation.
Higher power and fuel
The new excavator is powered by
the Doosan DL08K ‘common rail’
cylinder turbocharged diesel
engine meeting Stage IIIB engine
emission regulations through the
use of EGR and DPF after-treatment
Combined with an 8% increase
in torque, the engine delivers 5%