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South Africa
Bell launch K Series backhoe loaders
New K-series of the popular Bell backhoe loader has started rolling off the company’s production line in South Africa as
a direct replacement for the J-series. Bell say that the latest version will deliver even more in the way of productivity,
uptime and lower daily operating costs.
Bell Equipment Product Marketing Manager of product, Llewellyn Roux said: “It has been several years since Bell
introduced a new series. The J-series has been a mainstay of the market since its introduction in 2005 and we are
confident that the new 315SK will prove to have been worth the wait.”
The new series has a net peak power of 70 kW and net peak torque of 384 Nm.
Operating Weight in 2WD -is 7 609 kg and 7,829 in 4WD configuration. Power is delivered by a John Deere PowerTech
T turbocharged compliant with EPA Tier 2 / EU Stage II emissions.
Typical specifications
As always, specifications are subject to
variation according to configuration.
Howe v e r t h e f o l l ow i n g a r e t y p i c a l
configurations for maximum performance.
The front loader bucket Capacity is 1.0
m³ with maximum break-out force of
kN. Lift capacity is up to 3,266
kg to pin height of 3.4 m. Dump
clearance is 2.64 m.
The rear backhoe with 0.21 m³ bucket
delivers maximum dig depth 5.49 m; reach
from center of swing pivot 6.63 m; loading
height 3.58 m and 190º degree bucket
rotation. Maximum travel speed is 40
km/h and bucket turning radius 9.89 m.
S i gn i f i cant changes i nc l ude the
i n t rodu c t i on o f a new f i ve - s peed
transmission, which has been specifically
matched to the John Deere PowerTech
engine to deliver a top speed of 40 km/h when travelling to the jobsite. The
K-Series also comes standard with axle cooling and filtration as well as an improved wet disc brake set-up for increased
durability and performance.
Bell explains, “The cab layout has been improved providing increased comfort and operator interface with additional
storage space and a lockable cabinet. The cab has been completely re-designed so that ventilation now circulates cool
air from front-to-back, directing airflow where an operator needs it the most. Another useful feature is the single loader
lever with integrated electro-hydraulic (EH) auxiliary loader control, which eliminates the need for a second lever when
using a multi-purpose bucket.”
The K-Series features an exclusive Sealed Switch Module (SSM) which offers a central location for all machine
functions. This unit is completely sealed to keep out dust, moisture and debris for increased machine uptime. Similar to
Bell’s articulated dump trucks, wheel loaders and graders, the SSM comes standard with ‘Keyless Start’ and ‘SecuritMode’
functions to protect the machine against unauthorised use or theft from the jobsite.
Smart technology to the fore
Smart technology offers the exclusive ‘Auto Shutdown’ feature, which shuts down the engine after a predetermined
period set through the monitor for lower daily operating costs.
Another exclusive feature is ‘Differential Lock Protection’ also enabled through the monitor which prevents potential
damage from the rear differential lock being engaged at high of speeds. In addition, the maximum gear selection can be
set for maintaining operating speed limit on the jobsite,” explains Llewellyn Roux.
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