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comfortable and productive on the job. Controls are easy to use which helps experienced and novice operators move
more materials.
The tapered rear hood and wide-channel dual-mast cylinders provide excellent visibility for the operator. The narrow
operating console increases front visibility. Optional deluxe suspension seat and load control combine to provide a
comfortable ride on any terrain.
Easy serviceability maximizes uptime
To help contractors maximize uptime, daily maintenance has been made simpler. No-tool swing-out access doors, vertical
spin-on filters and grouped, ground-level service checks streamline engine access and routine maintenance.
The outboard wet disc brake design enables technicians to service the brakes by removing only the outer components
that are easy to access, such as the tyres and rims, eliminating the need to drop the axles. This arrangement drastically
decreases the time required to service the brakes. Also, the larger brake surface helps extend brake life and reduce the
frequency of brake repairs.
The roller mast design, by minimizing the possibility of debris accumulation, assures smoother lifting, longer
component life and reduced maintenance costs.
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Mustang introduce ‘The Beast’ to
North America
Mustang has launched the all-new, vertical-lift 4000V Skid Steer
Loader - “. . . the world’s most powerful skid steer loader” says the
company. The new model has a rated operating capacity of 4,000
lbs. (1814 kg), a true vertical lift height of 144” (3647 mm), and is
powered by a 99 hp (74 kw) from Cummins engines. “The 4000V
is truly a beast that cannot be tamed” claims Mustang
The all-new model is a true vertical lift machine, which
means the lift path follows a vertical line as opposed to the path
offered by competitive vertical-lift models. Lifting up to 144”
mm), it can load high trailers and trucks.
Mustang is excited to take the reigns as the world’s most
powerful skid steer loader,” said Sean Bifani, product manager.
The 4000V allows Mustang to fulfil its customers’ needs for
high powered, high capacity skid steers. Paired with its high
lifting height, it enters the high-end of the skid steer loader
market, where product options are minimal. It provides
maximum capacity and the industry’s largest breakout force at
lbs (4,150 kg).”
A Cummins diesel engine provides 326 ft-lbs. (442 Nm) of
torque and 99 gross horsepower (74 kW). The hydraulic fan with
swing-out cooler reduces fuel consumption, reduces noise levels
and provides improved service access. All daily maintenance and
service checks can be performed through the large rear engine
When maximum hydraulic power is needed to run demanding
attachments, the new skid steer loader is up to the requirements.
Hi gh system pressure, wi th opt i ona l h i gh-f l ow of up to
gpm (154 L/min), is designed to handle virtually every high-
performance attachment. Standard Hydraglide ride control allows the lift arm to “float” when transporting loads,
minimizing loss of material and offering increased operator comfort.
The standard level II ROPS/FOPS cab-forward design optimises the view to the bucket. A side-folding restraint bar with
adjustable armrests increases operator safety and comfort. An optional pressurized cab enclosure with sound reduction
material and a rear-mounted air filter provides a cleaner and quieter operating environment.
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