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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 7
New, professional grade robotic total station
Topcon Europe Positioning introduces a new, professional grade robotic total station – the PS series – which according to
the company is ‘designed to surpass the power, accuracy and capabilities of other robotic total stations on the market’.
It utilises Topcon’s new PowerTrac technology to increase the prism tracking power. “Using new optics, laser system
and advanced algorithms, PowerTrac provides the PS with the ability to keep tracking a moving prism even under the
toughest environmental conditions,” said Leighton Davies, survey products sales manager for Topcon Europe Positioning.
The new station has an extremely fast and powerful EDM (electronic distance measurement) and with the new
New GeoMax survey line offering
from AGL
AGL has launched the GeoMax Survey line - designed and
manufactuered in Switzerland.
The GeoMax Zoom30 and Zoom20 total station series addition gives a wide range of
total stations for the surveying, construction and mapping industry. The accXess reflectorless
measurements technology up to 600 meters, integrated Bluetooth, USB memory stick port, 36
hour operating time with one battery, temperature range down to -30°C are just some of the
innovations packed into these two new series of Total Stations.
The company also has the ZAL100 and 300 series Automatic Levels. The ZAL300 Series
introduces its patented and proven magneX technology to the market for more reliable and
fastest compensator system for levels. Both are imbedded in a sealed and shock protected
housing making it highly resistant to bumps and all weather conditions.
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New announcements from Topcon
Topcon Tesla RTK rover system - designed for
reliability and ease-of-use in the field
Topcon Europe Positioning (TEP) has released the Tesla RTK, a GNSS
network RTK rover system based on the recently introduced cross-
over controller, Topcon Tesla. The new rover is designed for all field
applications with the benefit of a larger, tablet-sized screen.
With a large 5.7” colour touchscreen display, it features direct touch
access to all controls, designed to make it easy to read and operate,
even in bright sunlight.
Stefan Naumann, TEP GNSS Products Sales Manager, said, “Designed with harsh outdoor conditions in mind, it has
been field tested and proven to be a popular solution as a rugged field computer. Boasting an IP67 environmental rating,
the Topcon Tesla RTK can be submersed in water and still function. The unit is also designed to withstand drops from
The model is “designed to be easily held in one hand, yet still provides the largest screen of any network RTK rover on
the market today,” said Naumann.
Standard product features include: Dual-constellation (GPS+GLONASS) precision GNSS receiver; Universal Tracking
Channel technology; Fast 806MHz processor; 3.2MP camera; 3.5G cellular modem and Integrated Bluetooth® and WiFi
The operating system, Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld® 6.5, provides for easy integration with other
application software, and quickly processes high-resolution images and graphics.
For GIS applications, the Tesla is a scalable solution offering the user versatility with a range of accuracies from 2 - 5
metre, sub-metre, decimetre and centimetre by a simple upgrade and an external antenna.
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