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MAGNET software onboard, each total station is suitable for both one man
and two man field operations,” said Davies.
It employs a phase shift EDM that has a smaller beam width than other
reflectorless instruments in its class. The algorithm reduces the noise
associated with reflectorless measurements providing an accurate result
to most surfaces over longer distances up to a 1,000 m non prism range.
Topcon’s smaller beam width allows measurements in tough situations
such as through a chain link fence to a building or other critical surface.
The new series is rugged, both waterproof and dustproof, and has
an advanced security and maintenance system – TSshield, an exclusive
communications module – LongLink, and an integrated remote system –
RC 5.
TSshield is the company ’s exclusive telematics based multi
communications module providing security and maintenance
capabilities. If the PS has been reported stolen, a signal can be sent to
the instrument to disable it and even track the instrument location on a
web based map view.
New high-accuracy RTK system – Topcon HiPer SR
Topcon Europe Positioning (TEP) has also introduced the new HiPer
SR – a highly advanced GNSS RTK receiver with the most compact and
lightweight design of any fully integrated precision receiver.
With the HiPer SR, Topcon is expanding the delivery of high-accuracy RTK technology
to a variety of users – surveyors who need a tool for small boundary or stakeout work, non-traditional users such as
landscape architects who need a low-cost mapping solution, law enforcement or any others requiring high-accuracy 3D
Cable-free and simple to operate, the HiPer SR is a compact professional-grade base and rover RTK system. The
field-rugged and fully-integrated design delivers a 300 meter (1,000 foot) working radius through Topcon’s LongLink
Lightweight Network Rover
The HiPer SR is also offered as a dedicated network
rover, and at only 0.8 kilogram (1.8 pounds), is a
very light full-precision system. All standard RTK
correction formats and network protocols are
supported, and a comprehensive range of field
workflows are realized with the Magnet family of
cloud-enabled software solutions.
TOPCON acquires large European dealer GEOTOP
In a further announcement, the company says that Topcon Europe
Positioning (TEP) has acquired controlling interest in GEOTOP of Ancona,
Italy, one of Europe’s largest dealers in precise positioning surveying, civil
engineering, construction and agriculture equipment.
GEOTOP, founded in 1972, became a Topcon distributor in 1980; in
the company added the Sokkia product line.
In the past several years, Topcon has made a considerable investment in
Europe, especially in Italy, Ivan Di Federico, president and CEO of GEOTOP
said. “We have almost 150 employees in four companies in Italy.
The addition of GEOTOP not only adds to Topcon’s presence in Italy,”
he said, “but emphasizes the synergistic opportunities we have with all
companies working closely together to provide products and services to
customers and potential customers.”
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