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Package delivery Cutter Suction Dredger
A complete turn key dredging package was delivered by Damen Dredging Equipment
to an African customer. The package included a CSD250 dredger with several options,
a floating pipe line and a small boat. The complete kit fitted into five 40’ containers.
As the order included training and spares as well, the dredger had an excellent start.
The Damen cutter suction dredger will be used for cleaning irrigation channels.
The standard dredger has been fitted out with a sun awning, navigation lights and
a light propulsion unit. The dredger will work at max 6 m dredging depth and has a
swing width of 22 m. The Damen dredge pump, type BP2320 has a mixture capacity
of 1.000 m³/h, using piping with a 250 mm internal diameter. The total installed
power is 254 kW, delivered by a Caterpillar C12 diesel engine.
The dredger has been fitted out with a light propulsion unit to enable it to work
independently, making it possible to move under own propulsion from one job
site to another. This independence is also shown by the delivery of a small boat : a
simple row boat with outboard engine enables the dredgers operators to arrive at
the dredger each morning. With the dredger a complete spares set was delivered to
make sure the operator can keep the dredger in good condition.
The CSD250 dredger weighs 30 tons and fits into 3 40’ open top containers. The floating pipe line, row boat and
spares were delivered in another two 40’ open top containers. This manageable lot contained the full dredging package –
the proof of the practicality of dismountable dredgers.
The crew was trained in the Netherlands in the operation and maintenance of the CSD250. The dredger has been
commissioned by Damen field service engineers on location – giving the CSD250 an excellent start.
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Hoisting main pontoon of CSD250 from
40 ‘
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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 7
A world first - the only 700 kg hydraulic breaker with
a solid body
Atlas Copco’s new high-performance hydraulic breaker, the SB 702, is designed to make light work of a
wide range of gardening, landscaping, construction and demolition jobs. Atlas Copco’s know-how in the
field of breaker technology, has also resulted in lower fuel consumption, lower vibrations and less noise.
The unique aspect of the SB 702 is its solid body, a feature which no other breaker in the 700 kg class
has. A one-piece housing construction makes it unusually compact and easy to handle. The percussion
mechanism and guide system are integrated into a single block of steel, eliminating the need for side
bolts. The integrated, maintenance-free accumulator is easily accessible yet well-protected from bangs
and knocks.
The SB 702 is designed to work with a wide oil flow range and can therefore be installed on a broad
variety of carriers. In case of hydraulic overload, the breaker is protected by an integrated protection valve
which prevents damage to the breaker and helps avoid downtime.
An energy recovery system provides much higher percussive performance. While the impact energy
remains constant, the breaker increases the blow frequency, which increases percussive performance. This,
in turn, increases efficiency, and greater efficiency enables higher productivity with lower fuel consumption.
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