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Excavators Help In Tight Quarters
During refurbishment and drainage work on a kindergarten in
Wirsberg in Germany, Bobcat E10 mini-excavators proved the only
alternative to manual excavation.
Work on the Herbert-Kneitz daycare centre run by the AWO
welfare organisation posed a unique challenge to the Hans-Peter
Müller Baugeschäft,company from Wirsberg. The location of the
centre on a very steep slope meant that the planned renovation
and drainage work on the building was a highly demanding task.
For the drainage work, the outer walls had to be exposed by
excavating the soil at their base and storing for replacement later
following completion of the work. The very steep slope not only
made the site virtually inaccessible to construction machinery but
also made the storage of the excavated soil a problem. This meant
that manual excavation was probably the only solution for the
However, as approximately 50 m of trenches measuring 1.5 -
m in depth had to be dug around the centre, the contractor
sought an alternative solution.
The narrow confines and the thick vegetation covering some
parts of the slope around the building meant that only an extremely compact machine
with the requisite digging performance for the excavation work and excellent stability
could be used. The solution came in the form of two Bobcat E10 mini-excavators, along
with a compact tracked dumper for transporting the excavated soil to and from the
excavation site.
The mini-excavator is a zero tail swing excavator with an operating weight of 1066 kg
and a maximum digging depth of 1.82 m. It has a retractable undercarriage, allowing its
width to be reduced to 710 mm - this made it possible to negotiate a passage through
a number of narrow spaces on the slope. For the digging work itself, the undercarriage
was extended to its maximum width of 1100 mm to maintain maximum stability under all
conditions. The foldable TOPS bar also allowed travel through doorways with very little headroom.
Commenting, Hans-Peter Müller noted: “It would have been practically impossible to excavate the soil around the
building by hand. With the help of the two Bobcat excavators, we were able to carry out the work with much more
efficiency and much less labour.”
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Unique way to demonstrate his school spirit
Dennis Smith, president and founder of Pinnacle Construction is an
alumnus of nearby Murray State University, home of the Racers. To show
his allegiance to MSU and promote the close business relationship that
Pinnacle has developed in managing several construction projects on the
campus, Smith commissioned a special paint job for the company’s new
Case TR270 compact track loader.
The machine not only displays Murray State Racers logos on the loader
frame and bucket, but it also features a multi-tone blue paint job trimmed
in yellow flames on the lift arms. Completing the unique design is the
inscription, “Hottest Team in Town.”
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