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Contractors World - InternationaVol 3 No 7
for ALL Erection & Crane
ALL Erection & Crane Rental Corp. announces
the acquisition of two blockbuster Manitowoc/
Grove packages, adding a total of 17 machines to
its industry-leading rental fleet; the first in May,
including nine units anchored by the mammoth
Manitowoc 18000 crawler, and the second in
July, eight units including a GMK 7550 AT and a
Manitowoc 2250 crawler.
Package 1 includes cranes from 40- to 825 ton
capacities: a Manitowoc 18000 crawler (up to 825
USt with MAX-ER /750 tonne), ideal for bridge
work, powerhouse projects, wind farms, or any
project needing extreme capacity, mobility, and a
compact footprint; a 2250 (300 USt / 272 tonne),
the staple of ALL’s crawler fleet, with a 330 ft main
boom and a 160 ft luffing jib--ideal for a variety of
applications from setting steel to placing heavy
industrial components; an RT9150E (150 USt /
tonne), the world’s largest-capacity RT crane;
a Grove RT9130E (130 USt / 118 tonne) with a
ft (49 m) five-section, full power boom; an
RT890E (90 USt / 82 tonne) with a 142 ft (43
m) full power boom; two RT765E (65 USt / 59
tonne) and two RT540E (40 USt   36 tonne).
The second package comprises cranes from 65- 550 ton capacities: a Manitowoc 2250 crawler (300 USt
/ 272
tonne); four Grove RT890E (90 USt / 82 tonne); two Grove RT765E (65 USt / 59 tonne); and one Grove GMK 7550
USt / 499 tonne), all terrain hydraulic crane, offering a 550 USt rated lifting capacity on a seven-axle carrier.
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Sany Stationary Pump for “Yomiuri
Shimbun Building”
The 300 m Abeno Center in Osaka will rank as the tallest building
in Japan when completed.
I n A u g u s t 2 0 1 1 , a S a n y c o n c r e t e p ump t r u c k
HBT90CH2122DIII stationary concrete pump finished the first
pumping task of Abeno Center project successfully and Sany
started planning for the ongoing work.
Apart from strict examination before entry into the site,
Sany had provided specific trainings on safety, operation,
maintenance as well as mechanic, electric and hydraulic system
of the machine. In order to facilitate communication, labelling on the machine was
in Japanese.
Every time there is a pumping task, Sany engineers would arrive at the construction site in advance to check for any
possible problem and to record parameters such as the pumping height, pressure and times of directional reverse.
In September, the height of the building exceeded 200 meters, and 4000 m³ of concrete have been delivered.
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