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Contractors World - InternationaVol 3 No 7
Construction has just begun on the Honolulu rail transit system’s train Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) in
Waipahu, the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) has announced.
The train maintenance facility will be located on a 43 acre site off Farrington Highway between Leeward Community
College and Waipahu High School. The site will also house the train control center that will operate the 20 mile elevated
rail system from East Kapolei to Ala Moana.
This facility will house the ‘brains and trains’ of the rail system in which the driverless trains and other rail operations
will be controlled from this location,” HART CEO and Executive Director Dan Grabauskas said. “This latest construction
underway shows the rail project continues moving forward and is on the right track.”
Along with the train system control center, the facility will house a maintenance building for track inspection and
repairs; a train vehicle wash facility; and train wheel repair center.
Kiewit/Kobayashi, a Joint Venture, was awarded the $195 million contract in 2010 to design and build the facility.
More construction starts for Honolulu Authority
for Rapid Transportation
Damen has shipped CSD450 within
weeks from order
A Damen CSD450 dredger was shipped within 3 weeks
from receipt of the order. The environmental cutter suction
dredger is right now on its way to Taiyaun, China, where it
will arrive well in time to assist in fighting the sedimentation
problem of the Fen river.
The dredger will be called “Fen He”, which means “River
Fen” in Chinese. It will be based in Taiyuan in the Shanxi
province in northern China. There, the river Fen leaves the
mountains and flows through the city. The river carries a lot
of sediment from the mountains and deposits its load around Taiyuan. The local authorities have acquired the
dredger to maintain the river at the right depth, also removing layers of contaminated silt in the process.
The CSD450 exactly fitted the requirements of the Taiyuan Water Board; it works at a dredging depth of - 12 m and
has a swing width of 34 m. The Damen dredge pump, type BP45-1100, is powered by a Caterpillar diesel engine of 709
kW and has a mixture capacity of 3.000 m³/h. The dismountable dredger is 22.6 m long over pontoons, and weighs in total
tons, but can be dismounted in container sized items which can be transported easily.
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