Each member of the team has been trained in fuel spill management. Each caboose will be fitted with spillage packs
which will include bulldog clips used as a temporary fix to damaged tanks, spill equipment (usually over-packed UN
drums - spill mats, pig putty, absorbents and plastic shovels.
No rescue for 6 months
So extreme are the conditions that in the event of being unable to continue for whatever reason, no rescue is possible
until the summer. So the team has to be prepared to settle down for the duration of the winter.
Accordingly, the doctor accompanying Sir Ranulph Fiennes must be capable of treating everything from frost bite to
heart surgery.
As Sir Ranulph Fiennes explained to Contractors World, although it is middle of the winter, they do have the benefit of
different degrees of moonlight for two weeks out of four. He and one other person, usually the doctor who has yet to
be named, will walk the entire distance pulling a sledge which is equipped with ground penetrating radar to detect any
crevices. (The doctor who usually accompanies Sir Ranulph is unable to participate on this occasion, although he will be
part of the support team back in London.)
Should a crevice be located, the only option is to find a way around it. The equipment being too heavy to risk the load
capacity of the covering ice and snow.
The Coldest Journey aims to raise over $10 million for Seeing is Believing, the international charity which aims to
eliminate avoidable blindness and visual impairment across the world
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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
Case Distributor Strikes Gold At Exhibition
Titan Machinery Bulgaria, the recently appointed Case Construction Equipment
distributor, has been awarded a Gold Medal and Diploma for innovation in construction
equipment at the Plovdiv International Technical Fair 2012. The prize was awarded for
the Case 721F wheeled loader, which took centre stage on the company’s stand at the
Innovation And Technology On Display
Titan Machinery’s first visit to the International Technology Fair in Plovdiv was a
huge success, with the latest crawler excavators, backhoe loaders, skid steers, mini
excavators, dozers and wheeled loaders on show.
However the 721F, one of the first wheeled shovels to boast a fuel efficient and
environmentally-sensitive Tier 4 Interim driveline, proved among the most popular. The 721F is just one of a full
line of powerful, efficient, low emission models in the Case product range.
More than 80 innovations were entered into the Plovdiv competition, with a focus on green energy and
technical advances.
Largest Case Dealer Continues Expansion
Based in Sofia, with eight depots strategically located across Bulgaria, Titan Machinery Bulgaria is part of the
giant US Case distributor Titan Machinery of North Dakota, the world’s largest Case construction equipment and
agricultural machinery distributor.
With an established team of 29 salesmen and 42 service technicians, Titan Machinery Bulgaria has hit the
ground running, providing a strong dealer facility for construction equipment customers across the country. “Our
aim is to cover the biggest part of the range on stock, offering our customers flexibility and short delivery times,”
says Titan Machinery Bulgaria’s Managing Director Dilyana Ivanova.
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