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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
Concrete for the
Frankfurt TaunusTurm
office high-rise
Frankfurt – the city in Germany with the most high-rise buildings
will soon be one high-rise richer. By the end of next year the
project developers Tishman Speyer and Commerz Real AG intend
to erect the new TaunusTurm office tower in the middle of
Frankfurt’s financial district between Neue Mainzer Strasse and
the Wallanlagen park.
The building, designed by the architects Gruber + Kleine-
Kranburg, will provide about 60,000 square metres of office
space over 40 storeys and a height of 170 metres. Specifically the
TaunusTurm consists of an office tower which is just under 170
metres high, an underground car park and external facilities.
Züblin has been contracted for the planning, co-ordination
and turnkey completion of the TaunusTurm. The concrete is
being delivered by Sehring Beton GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt.
The pumping of the concrete is the job of Godel Beton GmbH
from Stuttgart. This company has extensive expertise in the
field of vertical and long-distance pumping, e.g. from working
on construction of the new ECB head office in Frankfurt – where
the entire concrete work has also been done with Schwing and Stetter equipment.
In all, 70,000 m³ of concrete will be placed in the construction of the TaunusTurm. It is being pumped using a Schwing
SP 4800 stationary concrete pump. The BP 4800 is available as required with a pump cylinder diameter of 180 or 200
mm. It has a 2 metre long-stroke pump kit and thus achieves a maximum concrete pressure of approximately 200 bar.
With a patented rock valve it is possible to achieve both high concrete pressures and a high output with low wear.
Because the pump is self-sealing, it is of course also possible to pump water.
This happens on the job-site during cleaning. With the help of water the residual concrete in the delivery pipe is
pumped almost up to the last litre to the placement location.
The environmental features of the pumps also fits particularly well with the construction of the TaunusTurm, since
this is intended to be the first new Frankfurt high-rise project with platinum certification to the international LEED
standard. This is the highest achievable rating in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification
system, which is used to assess the environmental, social and economic sustainability of buildings.
The concrete is placed using two Schwing Separate Placing Booms. In the area of the residential tower an SPB 30 with
a reach of 30 metres was installed. The concrete is
placed in the office tower using an SPB 35. This boom
type has a horizontal reach of 35 metres. Like all
SPBs. they are built with a four-section roll and fold
boom. The advantages of this design are even more
evident when in use on the job-site. For example,
the boom is in the concreting position immediately
after it has been unfolded, it offers very simple
operation and catches the end hose without vertical
stretching when folding. All separate SCHWING
placing booms are equipped with a 125 mm
diameter delivery pipe 125 mm.
Work on the TaunusTurm will continue until the
end of 2013.