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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
The Swi ss Alps i s
t he canton G l a rus ,
t h e mo s t s n o w y i n
Switzerland. In the midst
of this alpine setting, Europe’s
largest hydro power plant is being
built under the project name
Linthal 2015’.
An underground pumped
storage hydro power plant will
pump water out of the alpine Lake
Limmern back to Lake Mutt which
is located 600 m higher up. The project
will increase the power output of
the Linth-Limmern power plants
from around 480 to 1,480 MW.
Lake Mutt will be stowed by a
new concrete dam stretching 1,000
m across the foot of the valley, thus
increasing its storage capacity from 9 to
million m³ .
The natural level of Lake Mutt will grow from
m above sea level to 2,474 m. A new system
of caverns deep inside the Alps is being built at the
foot of the present-day Lake Limmern dam. It will
house turbines and transformers. The construction
period will last some seven years.
Alpine Challenge:
largest Hydro
Power Plant