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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
Expansion of
the Panama
Panama -
The expansion of the Panama Canal is currently
the scene of the largest building site in the world
with the two lock systems being the key elements
in the whole project. The two facilities, on the
Atlantic and Pacific sides respectively, are each
around 1,800 m long and are expected to be
completed at the turn of the year 2014/2015.
In three lock chambers positioned one after
the other – each 403 m long and 55 m wide – ships overcome a height difference of approx. 26 m on the Atlantic and
Pacific coast. This procedure is controlled by four lock gate installations. Further construction features – each parallel to
the locks – are the three huge economising basins. These serve the purpose of re-using about 60 % of the water required
for individual lock operations.
More than 12 months after the start of construction, the extraordinary dimensions and the massive structural
elements are clearly visible. In order that the tight schedule can be maintained, over 4,200 site personnel process
m³ of concrete on a daily basis in two shifts. Construction site facilities include 70 cranes and 30 concrete pumping
stations. Furthermore, an immense need for formwork and scaffolding material along with a comprehensive overall
concept is still required.
Peri is supporting the contractors with the
planning and delivery of huge quantities of
formwork and scaffolding systems. For single-
sided applications, the new SCS bracket is being
used in handling and transfer of heavy loads
a main focus during the development of the
product by the German company.
With an international team of engineers
from the Peri subsidiaries in Spain, Panama
and Italy as well as German headquarters, they
provide the consortium of building contractors
with an ideal combination of formwork know-
how together with the efficiency and ability to
deliver as well as innovative system equipment.
Peri formwork is used extensively for the construction works
on the various structures. Peri heavy duty shoring systems
are also required