In time for the start
of construction work
in 2011, the required
s y s t e m e q u i pm e n t
was produced within a
few months and then
s h i p p e d t o C e n t r a l
America in more than
three hundred 40 f t
SCS climbing
An essential element of the Peri solution is the SCS Climbing
System (SCS = Single-sided Climbing System) which can be used
for single-sided applications for the construction of dams, sluices,
cooling towers, pier heads, tunnels and bank vault facilities. The
climbing units are optimized for the respective requirements.
This provides reduction of anchors and thus high system
The modular system with multi-part brackets is flexibly
adapted to suit the geometry of the structure; in addition, the
same formwork can be used for the first concreting section as
well as for the standard cycles. On slanted structural levels, the
working platforms can be inclined by 15° and 30° thus allowing
the platforms to be horizontally positioned which means site
personnel can always work safely. For the extension of the
Panama Canal, the SCS 250 with its 2.50 m wide platform
is being used; with the formwork carriage and a retraction
distance of 60 cm, sufficient working space is provided.
Optimum system application
In accordance with the project requirements, the brackets
are combined in different areas with either the flexible VARIO
girder wall formwork or the proven TRIO panel formwork.
Different shoring systems taken from the Peri product portfolio
support the slab formwork and tables being used, whilst the Peri UP modular scaffolding is used as load-bearing scaffold
and for the erection of safe access points.
Project data for the construction project of the century
The goal of the gigantic construction measures is to double the capacity of the world’s most important waterway. Around
ships sail through the Panama Canal each year.
After completion of the new lock installations – Gatun on the Atlantic in the north and Miraflores on the Pacific in the
south – it will handle twice as many ships resulting in an increase in capacity from 165 to 300 million tonnes. In addition
so-called Post Panamax container ships will then also be able to use the 80 km long channel – these vessels are up to
m long and 49 m wide and can transport up to 14,000 containers per ship. Over the three-year construction period,
approx. 6.6 million m³ of concrete and 337,500 t of steel will have been required; the total area to be formed is more
than 2.2 million m².
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