at about 2.7 million m³. Fill work continued
in the earlier 1939 excavation with material
from the basalt stockpile and Aguadulce Hill.
The total cumulative volume reported
for structural concrete that was placed at
the Pacific locks, is approximately 377,241
m³. Meanwhile, GUPCSA’S subcontractor,
ArcelorMittal, has delivered a total of 59,418
tons of reinforcing steel.
Dam works
Consorcio Borinquen S.A. is GUPCSA
subcontractor for the construction of
Borinquen Dams 1W, 2W, and 2E, and for the excavation of the Pacific access channel.
During the quarter, the consortium reached the foundation level for the 1W dam. Due to changes to the final
excavation levels for the 2E dam, GUPCSA conducted geological explorations along the central axis of the dam. Drilling
and blasting activities are underway at the north approach channel as well as at the dam center. Basalt material obtained
from these activities is used as rock fill for the 1939 excavation’s southern lagoon.
The contractor continues with maintenance pumping activities to dewater both the northern and southern sides of
the cofferdam. Excavation of the area to the west of the Atlantic entrance channel started during the period; the area
will be used for the ocean-side pier. Over 770 workers have been accommodated at Mindy workers camp.
The total cumulative volume of aggregate transported from North Cartagena tie-up station, on the Pacific site, to
the Atlantic project site amounted to 2.02 million tons. A second barge started operations in June. Reinforcing steel
deliveries in the Atlantic site reached a cumulative total of 44,460 tons.
Placement of non-structural concrete as foundation treatment on the Atlantic site was almost completed in the upper
chamber, with only small sections pending in conduits 1 and 2, whereas in the middle chamber it is about to finish, with
work pending in conduits 3 and 4.
Meanwhile, this activity continued in the lower chamber, with work pending in the wing walls, the west side of the
chamber floor, the tunnel under chamber 3, and conduits 5 and 6. Additionally, pouring of structural concrete continues
in the areas for lock heads and in the upper, middle, and lower lock chambers.
A 399,700 m³ total cumulative volume of structural concrete has been placed so far.
Ongoing excavation works
Excavation activities continued at the
Atlantic entrance channel; chamber
conduits; ocean-side wing walls; middle
and lower lock chambers; middle
chamber trifurcations; lock heads; and
middle and lower water-saving basins.
GU P C S A c o n t i n u e d h a u l i n g
excavated material towards Monte
L i r i o and Mi nd i d i s po s a l s i t e s .
Excavations at the lock footprint
are almost completed. The total
cumulative volume removed from
the main excavation is approximately
million m³ s; and the cumulative
volume removed through dry and
water dredging is about 2.1 million
Page 20
Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
Work progresses 24 hours a day, Seven days a week
throughout the project
Fleets of equipment continue to move and
replace millions of cubic meters of material
as the Panama Canal makes progress.