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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
m³. GUPCSA continued demobilizing land-moving
equipment, as most of the dry excavation is about to
Safety and Environment
On the subject of project occupational safety, there
was a fatal accident in the industrial area of the Pacific
construction site on 13 April 2012, involving a GUPCSA
employee who was buried in a pile of aggregate.
The Panama Canal Authority (ACP) prepared the
due report for the credit agencies that finance the
Program, and followed up on the investigation process
and corrective measures taken by the contractor.
Meanwhile, the contractor prepared its own
reports for the ACP and declared one day of
company mourning.
During the quarter, the occupational safety
team also held its regular scheduled safety
meetings; continued giving follow-up to
concerns and discrepancies related to safety
issues detected by locks staff during contractor
operations; and also continued conducting
audits on specific safety issues.
The environmental management team
continue ongoing follow-up on mitigation measures
established in the
environmental management plan of the environmental impact study and in the resolution
by the National Environmental Authority.
During the period, follow-up was given to, among other subjects, water quality; hazardous wastes and materials
handling in the excavation area; labour conditions; housekeeping practices; retired tires handling; slope erosion and
sediments migration issues; and water accumulation in secondary retentions.
A new complaint was registered for the Pacific site regarding the proliferation of mosquitoes, which was taken care of
according to established procedures.
Pacific Access Channel (PAC)
During the quarter, ending June 30, 2012 the consortium ICA-FCC-
Meco removed about 2.0 million m³ of
unclassified material from the areas that form the new access channel
and the Borinquen Dam.
The volume removed for the quarter includes approximately 980,000
m³ of rock, fragmented by using 413 thousand kilograms of explosives in
blasting events. Excavation work for the new access channel, included
under the contract, reflect an 18.3 million m³ cumulative volume to this
The contractor received approval to commence preparation work
for the foundation and for placing the inboard dam embankment.
Additionally, work started in the field included tests for the dam core
foundation; area cleanup; and fill-concrete placement in areas that
require levelling. The contractor began building the 220 m² concrete
cut-off wall, which will be three meters deep at the dam’s axis; and the
jet grouting of the curtain that works as a cut-off wall under the dam
to prevent infiltrations.
Among the many
issues, there is
managing the
wildlife which
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Heavy duty cranes are used to lift the massive lock gates and other
elements for the works