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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
Stringless concrete
pouring technology
After years of development, the US
company, Power Curbers, now offers
stringless pouring technology to its
The Power Curber 5700-C, equipped
with networked digital controls and all
crawler steering, is now pouring on
jobsites in the United States and Canada. The results have been very good with contractors saving on set up time and
finding great accuracy in the placing curb and gutter.
Though we’ve had the ability to control the machine with GPS and 3-D systems for several years, we delayed
the market release until we were convinced the accuracy could match string line results and that curb and gutter
subcontractors were ready to abandon the visual check that stringing provides. We are very pleased with the feedback
we’ve gotten from our stringless customers” stated Power Curbers Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Stephen Bullock.
The company offers a unique approach to machine control . The MOBA digital control system used uses open
architecture allowing the machine to interface with 3-D or GPS controls from several different suppliers. Currently,
customers are using both Leica and Topcon for stringless control.
It was essential from day one to build a system that allowed the contractor to choose the system they were
comfortable using. We didn’t want to dictate to the customer that they had to accept a singular supplier that Power
Curbers has designated. We want to maintain maximum flexibility for our customers” added Bullock.
IROCK Introduces RDS-20 Mobile Crusher
IROCK, a leading manufacturer of screening and crushing equipment, has introduced the RDS-20 Primary Crushing Plant.
As the name suggests, the RDS – rapid deployment system – provides portability and rapid set-up time.
According to the manufacturer, the new model is a highly portable, easy to operate mobile unit. It combines a closed
circuit design, high-performance four-bar impactor and heavy-duty components for reliability, increased efficiency and
the precision to produce a uniform, cubical product. It also is versatile enough for use across multiple industries and
can process a variety
of materials, including
quarry rock, demolition
d e b r i s , r e c y c l a b l e
materials and base rock
for oil fields.
The machine features
a 5 x 16 foot, double-
deck screen. It has the
ability to crush, screen
a nd s e p a r a t e up t o
three different sizes of
materials, two sized and