and Global Technology Division. “We’re also continuously working on innovations that we anticipate will meet customers’
future needs. That’s why we’re continuing our research and development in electric hybrid technology too, which
actually began our hybrid development path several years ago.”
Cat’s First Hybrid
Caterpillar has unveiled the first model in its new line of hybrid excavators, the Cat 336E H, at an event entitled, “The
Next Generation is Here.”
The new 336E H will be sold and serviced exclusively through the global Cat dealer network following the machine’s
official launch at Bauma 2013 in Munich, Germany. The order board for the Cat 336E H opens in February 2013, with
factory shipments beginning in March 2013. This is the company’s first production machine in what will obviously be a
range in this class. Larger Cat mining excavators are also using hybrid technology
The company states that the Cat 336E H uses a new hydraulic hybrid technology developed by Caterpillar. “A hybrid
is independent of any particular technology—it doesn’t have to be electric,” said Ken Gray, global product manager for
large hydraulic excavators for Caterpillar’s Excavation Division. “There are many ways to store and reuse energy, including
our patented hydraulic hybrid system featured on the Cat 336E H.”
Caterpillar has developed, built, and tested electric hybrid excavators, but—until now—we had not found a hybrid
approach that would actually lower our customers’ owning and operating costs,” Gray said. “Large excavators operate
in high-production applications in which fuel is a very significant operating cost for our customers. So, the 336E H, the
hybrid version of our workhorse 336E, is ideal for introducing our new hydraulic hybrid technology, with its more than
filed patents.”
Gray continued, saying “We’re confident that customers will be delighted. No other commercially available
technology has higher power density than hydraulics, and that’s why we selected a hydraulic solution to help our
customers achieve substantial fuel savings”
Naturally, the 336E H meets the stringent Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB emission standards, but the company say that it is
extraordinarily quiet, too.
In terms of performance, apart from a reduction in fuel (and emissions) there is no loss of performance, power, force,
speed or production.
Caterpillar are confident that the owning and operating costs for the 336E H will actually be lower than the standard
machine. However, the company has not given any indication of the price differential, which, if other manufacturers costs
are any indication, could be considerably higher.
Big claims
Caterpillar is being very bullish about their latest introduction. “The 336E H is a game-changer—the most revolutionary
excavator to come to market in decades,” said Gary Stampanato, vice president of Caterpillar’s Excavation Division.
Customers aren’t going to choose the 336E H simply because it is sustainable. They will select it because it actually
lowers their owning and operating costs, and maintains the performance of our industry leader, the 336E.
Caterpillar has the most productive and fuel-efficient excavator product line in the industry, and our customers are