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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
higher top speed and lower fuel consumption.
The Lock-Up function activates in 2nd, 3rd
and 4th gears giving the machine a maximum
ground speed of 23.8 mph (38.3 km/h).
The wheel loader has greater productivity
in V-cycle applications because of the
increased tractive effort. The faster hill
climbing ability allows the it to up-shift gears
faster because of improved acceleration. The
wheel loader can also achieve higher gear
ranges and maintain higher ground speeds
when working in load-and-carry applications. In most applications, production is
increased and fuel consumption reduced, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.
Enhanced Operator Environment
The new cab provides a more comfortable and quieter work environment so the operator can maximize productivity. The
front glass has been lowered and the dashboard has been redesigned to improve visibility. Electronic Pilot Control (EPC)
levers and an F-N-R switch are part of a redesigned seat-mounted right hand console. An auxiliary input has also been
added to connect an MP3 player or other device along with two 12-volt ports that have been incorporated into the cab.
A new high resolution 7” LCD monitor features enhanced capabilities and displays information in 25 languages for
global support. Using the monitor, the operator can easily modify settings for items such as the Auto Idle Shutdown or
the auto-reversing fan.
The operator can also check operational records, such as working hours or fuel
consumption; monitor the KDPF soot load; or check how much time is required
before the next maintenance interval. In addition, the monitor offers the operator
the option of using the ECO Guidance (economy) function, which will provide
operational tips to reduce fuel consumption.
A separate high-resolution back-up camera is standard with every machine and
is mounted on the right hand side of the console for operator convenience.
News from Komatsu Japan
Komatsu Japan has recently announced several new models although at this time
little information is available as to when these machine will be available outside of
Amongst the models announced are:
a 28 tonne capacity HM300-3 and a 40 tonne capacity HM400-3 articulated dump
a D61PX dozer with an operating weight of 18,900 kg;
PC200/PC200LC-10 and PC210/PC210LC-10 medium-sized hydraulic
a WA500-7 wheel loader with an operating weight of 33,850 kg.
Market information
Readers must note that the above mentioned machines are not yet available globally
and, in fact, some may be developed for specific markets. However, some will
certainly be on display at Bauma 2013.
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Spacious, more comfortable cab on the latest
Komatsu wheel loaders
Dozers, wheel loader and hydraulic excavators in the new
introduction from Komatsu Japan.