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Editorial Comment
The digital age makes further
I recently had an interesting conversation with
senior managers at Trimble who were demonstrating
the efficiencies that technology can deliver to the job site . And the results are not
only very interesting but most significant. A field test report will be published next
month which is essential reading to those looking to reduce costs.
Later that day, while in conversation with others, the subject matter turned to
digital technology and the speed at which it has impacted on all aspects of our lives.
For someone who has been writing about the industry for over 30 years, I have
followed the progress with interest.
All around us, people were talking on their mobile phones, tapping away at
keys, probably answering emails, tweeting or sending a message. But they could
have been checking up on their machines to make sure that they were or were not
working. Such is the technology today that it is virtually possible to keep track of a
vast inventory of equipment in the palm of your hand.
Technology not only brings efficiencies to equipment
As I said, technology is increasing our ability to work more efficiently and
communicate more easily. And the publishing industry is also facing the same
challenges to minimise costs.
For the construction industry, of concern is the ever rising cost of diesel. For
publishers it is the cost of printing and distribution.
When Contractors World started its unique b2b digital publishing concept three
years ago, sceptics said that the industry was not ready for such a bold move. Thirty
thousand readers per month have proved otherwise.
And others are following. The world’s second largest circulating weekly news
magazine, Newsweek, is to go exclusively digital from January 2013. Like Contractors
World, they have not adopted a hybrid/compromise solution of printed version with
a digital (PDF) option. They have realised that the future is digital given the plethora
of devices that are now available on which to read magazines, listen to the radio and
even watch television.
Our challenge now is to get advertisers to grasp the opportunity and provide
TV type commercials’ for the digital magazines instead of static pages that print
magazines deliver.
Wirtgen and Alimak Hek have ‘tweaked’ their advertisements in this issue to add
rich media content.
Pushing new limits
We will continue to develop our magazine platform as technology evolves. The rich
content of Contractors World is already compatible with iPad, Android, Blackberry
and other digital formats. However, we will not loose sight of the fact that we
are a magazine - not a television channel or web site, so will keep the amount of
interactive content to an acceptable level. . . . and no pop-ups or banners to distract
your reading enjoyment.
Our policy is to continue to make the magazines free to read, and available on as
many devices as possible.
If you find the magazines of interest please let your colleagues and business
associates know. Why not do it now? Use the forward button.
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Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8