Contractors World - International Vol 3 No 8
he world’s greatest living explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes has teamed up with Finning engineers and two bespoke Cat
D6N track-type tractors, to attempt the coldest ever journey across the Antarctic in the winter - a challenge that
has never been attempted before.
Joining him on the journey will be highly trained Finning engineer, Spencer Smirl, from Canada, who was selected
from a group of volunteers by Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his expedition crew. Spencer will be vital to the expedition, as he
will be tasked with driving and maintaining the Cat D6N track-type tractor, which will be used to pull specially designed
cabooses (sledge mounted living quarters).
Over the last 2 years, Finning has had a team of engineers at its Cannock headquarters in the UK working on the
design and manufacture of two D6N
track-type tractors to make them
expedition ready’.
With hundreds of changes to the
originally designed units that would
common l y be found wo r k i ng on
construction or waste sites, the Finning
engineering team led by Andy Thomas
was faced with designing a unit that
would work at temperatures reaching as
low as minus 70º Celsius.
The Coldest
Ever Expedition
Exploring Antarctica at any time is demanding on both man and support
equipment. The latest challenge pushes these limits to new extremes and
Contractors World will be reporting on the progress.
Sir Ranulph Fiennes: “This is the one expedition, that until now everyone has
º Photo: South Pole, Mid Winter Keith Vanderline
The Coldest Journey cross Antarctica in the
middle of the Winter