A forest
for Milan
city centre
- a unique
“Il Bosco Verticale” (The Vertical Forest) is the name of a building complex currently being constructed in the centre
of Milan. It consists of an eleven-storey office building and two high-rise apartment blocks with 18 and 26 storeys
and heights of 87 and 119 metres respectively.
What makes them so special is that both the residential buildings are equipped with huge reinforced concrete
balconies which are planted with numerous flowers and shrubs creating the appearance of a “vertical forest”. The
building will be ready to move into later this year.
Its own eco-system in the midst of a modern metropolis
Environmental and climate protection have long been integral aspects in the building trade. However, Italian
architect Stefano Boeri is pushing the boundaries of ecological high-rise building design into new nature-compatible
A total of 120 large and 544 medium-sized trees and over 4,000 bushes and shrubs take on the important
functions of a forest, namely producing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide. The future residents will benefit from
protection against wind, noise and dust. In summer the treetops will provide shade whilst the lower winter sun will
let light and heat through the bare branches.
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