Specialists At
New Brasilia
ifting specialist Transdata is making a major
contribution to the Renovation of the National
Mane Garrincha Football Stadium in Brasilia,
federal capital of Brazil. It will play host to a series of FIFA
World Cup matches in 2014. Once complete, the capacity
will be increased from 41,000 to 70,064, the stadium will
be the second largest in Brasil and enjoy a reputation for
sustainability second to none.
Following a comprehensive engineering study, material
handling specialist Transdata chose a 600 t capacity
Terex CC 2800-1 Crawler Crane used to help construct
the stadium’s environmentally friendly rooftop, which
incorporates photovoltaic cells capable of generating all
the power required by the new venue.
The rooftop structure is made of concentrically placed
steel rope rings that will be tensed from load bearing
structures on the sides of the stadium. The cover will be made out of canvas and incorporate photovoltaic cells. One
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