of the tasks of the CC 2800-1 crawler crane is to
lift the 29 t steel wire rope sections and position
them in the tensioning devices. Employing the
vario adjustable superlift system with 60 m main
boom and 72 m luffer, the crane is expected to
remain on site for five months.
The crane was transported to the new
s t ad i um f rom Ba r ra Do s Coque i ro s , a
municipality of the state of Sergipe, where it
was working on a wind farm. Transported in 30
trucks, it took a team of two Terex technicians
and five Transdata personnel just five days to
One of the highlights of the action plan is the concern given to the
environment. In order to achieve this, sustainability interventions start with the workers. Reservoirs with chemical
substances are placed in concrete tanks, so that if there are any kind of leaks, the soil will not be compromised.
Another sustainability feature is the stadium’s rooftop, which will have photovoltaic cells to capture sunlight
up to 2.5 megawatts per day, corresponding to all the energy necessary for running the venue. During the building
process, 81 trees were taken out. In compensation, the construction company donated five thousand seedlings of
different species to the federal district government. Finally, the seats will be made with recycled plastic bottles.
Transdata’s Lifting Manager, Gilvanir Fidencio, comments: “This important, national project demanded a high
capacity crane of proven design offering a high degree of manoeuvrability and reliability. The confined features of
the site itself were also a factor.”
“The CC2800-1 has met our expectations and is operating satisfactorily on a day-to-day basis. This is vital on
a time critical project of such national importance and prestige. Feedback from the site has been consistently
positive, both in terms of productivity and the ease of use of
the intuitive Terex IC-1 crane control system.”
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Clearing work underway at
Rio 2016 golf course site
Study on hole 17 in 3D art created by Hanse Golf Course Design
(Photo: Divulgação)
Work has begun on the golf venue and the organizers
remain on track to deliver the golf course for a test event in 2015 as scheduled, Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President
of the Rio 2016
Clearing work has started at the site of the Rio 2016™ Olympic Games golf course after the necessary permit for the
removal of the non-native vegetation was issued by the city. The process to clear the way for construction to begin
as planned in April is being conducted by Tanedo, the private company responsible for the construction.
Carlos Arthur Nuzman, President of the Rio 201 Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games
(Rio 2016), said: “We are delighted that work has begun on the golf venue and we remain on track to deliver the
golf course for a test event in 2015 as scheduled. This venue will provide a key element of the Rio 2016 legacy as
the first public course in Rio de Janeiro, and it will play a pivotal role in the development of the sport of golf in
Course designer Gil Hanse, from US-based Hanse Golf Course Design, commented: “We are very excited and
pleased to have begun the initial clearing of the site. It is the start of a long process to transform this property into a
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