Topcon introduces
new rotating laser
Topcon Europe Positioning (TEP) has added a new
rotating laser to its product line – the RL-200. Designed
for general construction, engineering and agricultural
land leveling applications, the RL-200 is a high-powered
laser built to provide extreme accuracy and increased
operating range.
“The RL-200 uses a precise and reliable encoder
system to provide superior horizontal accuracy with
repeatability of plus or minus 7 arc seconds,” said John
Downey, laser products sales manager for TEP.
The new laser is available in single or dual slope
models. “If the operator needs slopes up to 25%, it is
no problem with the RL-200,” Downey said. The single
slope model has a -5% to +25% grade range. The dual
slope model adds +/- 10% grade to the second axis.
Both models include an LS-80L laser sensor, specifically
designed for the high-powered laser diode and
operating range of the new model. “Combining the RL-
200 with the LS-80L laser receiver provides an 1100
metre diameter working range,” said Downey.
Topcon’s IP-S2 Compact+
broadens 3D mobile mapping
Topcon Europe Positioning is
working to broaden uses of
3D mobile mapping systems
with its IP-S2 Compact+.
The 3D mobile mapping
system is an innovative,
v e h i c l e - m o u n t e d
s u r vey i ng and mapp i ng
system featuring a high-definition LiDAR scanner.
“The Compact+ is a continuation of the innovations
introduced to the market in 2009 with the introduction
of Topcon’s IP-S2 mobile mapping system which
incorporates high-precision GNSS receivers, IMU
(inertial measurement unit), vehicle wheel encoders,
camera and laser scanners,” said Sander Jongeleen,
Topcon product manager mobile mapping.
Jongeleen said, “The full colour, high-resolution,
high-density point clouds realised with the IP-S2
Compact+ and true integration with high resolution 360
images, dramatically increase efficiencies in a variety of
job sites.
The Compa c t + sy s t em i s ava i l ab l e i n two
configurations-- three-scanner standard model or a
five-scanner system. The three-scanner system already
provides improved scanner orientation and gives a 360°
vertical field of view. The five-scanner system increases
cloud density, minimizes “scanning shades,” optimises
visibility of roadside assets and collects 150,000 points
per second with a range of 40 to 50 m.
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Contractors World - International Vol 4 No 3
hand side of the machine. The door design also widens the size of the opening for entering the cab. Within the
operator station, a new multifunction monitor provides a coolant temperature and fuel gauge, clock, two trip
meters, regeneration inhibit, auto shut down control, and machine hours among the many functions.
John Deere added a third service door to the 50G and 60G to provide improved access to the cooling core. The
cores were also positioned side-by-side rather than being stacked in-line for increased cooling performance.
Contractors also have the ability to choose the tracks that are best suited for their work. Rubber tracks, steel
tracks and steel tracks with rubber pads are all available.
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