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New Case Small DV
Series Double Drum
Asphalt Rollers
Case Construction Equipment has
introduced its next generation of
asphalt compaction equipment with
an updated line of small double drum
asphalt rollers.
The new DV Series — the DV23, DV26,
DV36 and DV45 — replace the current
DV201, 202 and 204 models. They offer a combination of compact size, manoeuvrability and visibility, with the
same control features found in heavy asphalt rollers. The new small tandem rollers feature a tapered offset drum
and high curb clearance, allowing users to compact right up to high curbs or other tight areas, making them ideal
for parking lots, bike paths, tennis courts and other small- to medium-sized projects.
“The narrow hood design on our new line of DV Series small compactors gives operators the ability to see right
down to the edge of the drum, which is critical in tight spaces, and sets Case equipment apart from competitors,”
says Katie Pullen, Case brand marketing manager. “Contractors want to eliminate the amount of foot compacting
they need to do, and these machines allow operators to get closer to areas than they ever could before.”
Pullen explains that the small DV Series compactors also have a tighter turning radius, which improves
compaction times, and the offset tapered drums reduce asphalt tearing while compacting around curves.
Operators can further maximize productivity with standard dual amplitudes and dual frequencies. The Tier 4
Interim Yanmar engine on the small DV Series compactors delivers the same high centrifugal forces and frequencies
as the competition, but at lower RPMs, making the machines more fuel efficient. Low overhead clearance is no
problem with the standard foldable rollover protection system (ROPS).
“These small DV compactors offer superior compaction capabilities for a variety of asphalts, and the pressurized
water tanks ensure there’s no wasted water and consistent flow, even on hills,” Pullen says.
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