Middle East & Africa
Dedicated New Doosan 50 t Excavators
Doosan Construction Equipment has
launched the 48 tonne DX480LCA
and 51 tonne DX520LCA large crawler
excavators for markets in the Middle
East and Africa (MEA).
his is the latest phase in the launch of the new LCA generation of Doosan crawler excavators for MEA
replacing the previous SOLAR range, which is due to be completed by the end of 2013. The latest two
excavators are designed to be leaders in their respective weight classes. The DX480LCA model is a
powerful machine with extra reach and stability, allowing it to accomplish longer cycles and heavy pulling work with
ease. The DX520LCA model offers more stability and good lifting capabilities. This is a mass excavation machine
fitted with an extra heavy counterweight and a short front end to deliver more breakout force for really tough
digging jobs.
Both are powered by the Doosan DE12TIS 6-cylinder air to air intercooler Tier II compliant diesel engine with
a displacement of 11 l, developing 238 kW (318 HP) of power at 2000 RPM using a mechanical injection system.
Owing to the incorporation of a new travel motor, both machines deliver a tractive effort of 37.6 tonne. Bucket and
dipper stick breakout forces have also increased, together with a significant increase in the hydraulic flow from the
pumps to 2 x 360 l/min.
Replacing the previous SOLAR range machines, all the LCA new generation machines share a common design
particularly suited to the specific needs of the Middle East and African markets, with a number of important
new functions and technical
improvements, including:
• A powerful new family of
Doosan Tier II compliant engines
with reduced fuel consumption
and emissions
• Top qua l i t y ma te r i a l s
and components for long-term
reliability and maximum uptime
• A b r a n d n e w f u l l y -
f e a t u r e d , e r g o n om i c a l l y
designed cab providing top-class
comfort and excellent all-round
Dedicated New Doosan 50 t Excavators
1.71 to 2.86 m³
0.93 to 3.6 m³
Operating weight:
48.4 to 50.2 t
51.1 to 52.9 t
Digging depth (std front):
7810 mm
6770 mm
Digging reach (std front):
12120 mm
10750 mm
Digging height (std front):
11080 mm
9600 mm
Digging force over bucket (ISO):
30.8 t
30.1 t
Digging force over arm (ISO):
22.6 t
25.8 t
Maximum lifting capacity at ground
level (over front):
9.24 t
13.48 t
Travel speed:
6 km/h
5.6 km/h
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