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Contractors World - International Vol 4 No 3
Introducing ‘The AggreSand System‘
erex Washing Systems (TWS) is making final plans to unveil a
new innovative washing system – The AggreSand system. This is
the latest edition to an already extensive product portfolio and is
due to be officially launched in Quarter 2, 2013.
Terex AggreSand system combines aggregate washing and screening
with sand processing on a modular chassis. It brings together Terex Washing Systems components in an innovative
modular design.
A gap in the market for such a washing evolution was identified following extensive research, part of which was
conducted at the Terex Washing Systems first ever product development forums. This involved TWS engineers and
sales technicians working with the global distributor network to formulate the concept.
Central to the development of the new plant was a modular design, pre-wired and pre-plumbed making it quick
and easy to set-up and easy to maintain. The plant also includes a range of other innovative features and designs.
Sean Loughran, Director of TWS commented “the AggreSand system will represent the epitome of washing in
the marketplace and is a combination of significant enhancements and design changes to existing products as well
as the introduction of new pioneering ideas. In our ongoing efforts to meet and exceed customer expectations, the
system will enable TWS customers to wash a wide range of materials at a high specification and produce up to 5
Features & Benefits
TWS designed a new modular hopper feeder with 12 m³ (H 12 Hopper - illustrated below) capacity in keeping
with ever increasing loading shovel sizes in today’s modern quarries and sand pits. The H 12 is available with an
automatic tipping grid and a two deck vibrating grid complete with variable speed belt feeder, all controlled from
the main operator interface and radio control unit.
A wide feed conveyor has a direct drive
electric motor and gearbox arrangement and
will work at a 19
angle when feeding the
system. The inclined feed conveyor features
a sealed wash box at the discharge point to
give material a pre-rinse to pre-condition for
screening. The design eliminates splashing at
this point and produces an even distribution of
material to the full width of the rinsing screen
thus utilizing the full screening area.
The company op t ed fo r t he 165R - 3
(three deck, two bearing) rinsing screen. The
screen’s riveted construction reduces the
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