Bauma Supplement No 3
Page 40
Contractors World - International Vol 4 No 3
compaction data of each project can now also be called
up directly from the office via a web server.
With the new additional function of wireless data
transfer, data can now be quickly and conveniently
exchanged between machine and office, eliminating
the need to travel from the office to the construction
site. The data – compiled into a report, as quality
verification, for documentation and for tracking project
progress – are immediately available.
The MCA-2000 uses temperature sensors to measure
the asphalt temperature and uses GNSS positioning
of the roller to ascertain the number of passes. Using
the combination and visualisation of this information
on the seven inch display, the driver can immediately
identify where sufficient compaction has already
been performed and where additional passes are
still necessary. By means of the temperature display,
the system allows compaction to be performed in
the optimum temperature spectrum. This prevents
the compaction of asphalt that is too cold, which can
damage the material and lead to and subsequent road
D-TEC attachments
During Bauma 2013, D-TEC introduce its new product
line: sorting and demolition grapples! This newly
designed attachment is available for excavators from
0.77 tons up to 50 tons machines. The result of this
innovation is a robust grapple line with a low weight.
The benefits are in the areas of demolition of structures,
sorting of debris, landscaping and
material handling at recycling yards.
The company will also show its
container trailer. This container
trailer provides the precise
flexibility required as
a logistics supplier.
Ideal for transporting of ISO
containers The mechanical construction is
ingenious yet durable and extremely low maintenance
at the same time. Using one and the same container
trailer you can transport 1 x 20 ft, 2 x 20 ft, 1 x 30 ft,
1 x 40 ft, 1 x 45 ft, 1 x 13.60 m and all ISO high cube
OilQuick Quick coupler system
OilQuick, a world leading provider of fully automatic
quick coupler systems, will be present OQ40/28-5 for
mini excavators between 2 and 5 tonnes. The coupler
supports up to five hydraulic ports depending on the
configuration and application (two 1/2” for high flow,
two 3/8” for medium flow and one 3/8” optional drain).
Also new is the quick coupler system OQL 210 for
compact wheel loaders between 5 and 8 tonnes
OilQuick fully automatic quick coupler system OQL
210 are now also available for compact wheel loaders.
It can be equipped with 4 x 1/2” oil connections or
alternatively one port can be converted into an electric
connection. This is the perfect teammate for all
compact wheel loaders using many different hydraulic
attachments such as forks side tipping buckets, four-in-
one-buckets, grapples, , sand spreading buckets, etc.
New generation tiltrotator
The company will also unveil a new generation of
OilQuick tiltrotators. The tiltrotator makes it possible
to rotate and tilt buckets and other tools in one
complete movement.
T h e s e t i l t r o t a t o r s
a r e equ i pped w i t h
t h e c o m p a n y ’ s
unique quick coupler
techno l ogy and are
available in four sizes
f i t t i n g e x c a v a t o r s
b e twe e n 5 a nd 3 2
1...,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39 41,42