Bank of America building, the tallest office building in
Abilene, which required 85 m (280 ft) of boom and jib.
The AC 250-1 joins a recently purchased AC100/4L
which, according to Crane Service, Inc. President,
Scott Wilson, was one of the reasons why it was the
preferred choice of the heavy hoisting specialist. He
comments, “We decided on this model based on our
relationship with Terex and our positive experience of
the AC100/4L.”
He continues, “We were impressed by the main
boom combinations and the 80 m (262 ft) full power
boom was a definite advantage. Not to mention the
crane’s impressive lifting capacities across the board.”
“Its exceptional manoeuvrability and flexibility were
another benefit. The counterweight configurations/
options make it operationally and logistically very
friendly, especially here in the United States, and, of
course, the cost per tonnage capacity is
a real boon.”
The AC 250-1 fills a gap in the
company’s product line-up enabling it
to better serve its customers across the
greater southwest. “There is a market
for this size of crane,” says Scott Wilson.
“An increasing number of our customers
now have heavy lifts and need longer
boom options. This crane will enable us
to meet this need.”
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Taking Care
of Good
W h e n o p e r a t o r
Thomas Rostad lost much
of his right hand in an accident, contractor
KIME Maskinentreprenor Kare Isaksen AS,
and in particular company owner Morten
Willumsen, was very keen for Mr Rostad to return to
work, so had the machine rebuilt to meet his individual
Case Construction Equipment dealer, Dagenborg
Maskin AS, from Tromso in Norway, has modified a Case
CX250C crawler excavator to allow the machine to be
operated using a single joystick.
Dagenborg spent many hours fine-tuning the CX250C
to allow the excavator to operate smoothly through a
single joystick when Mr Rostad is driving, or at the touch
of the monitor, to operate with the conventional two
joystick layout for other drivers.
“Dagenborg Maskin’s ability to understand and
implement a solution to meet this unconventional need
highlights the excellent service, flexibility and attention
that our network provides to our customers,” said Lene
Thornholm, Case Construction Business Manager for
From left to right – Ken Ogle-Territory Sales, Justin
Moffett-Territory Sales, Neil Moore-Operator of the crane,
Bob Strohacker-Branch Manager.
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