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What’s In A Name?
Languages continually evolve and
merge as one country adopts the
word from another country. There are many words that
are in everyday usage that did not exist a few years ago.
Perhaps the most well known is Google, which started
out as a trade name but is now a generic noun and a
verb. Twitter and other social media terms are similar.
Ten years ago who heard of ‘tablets, iPads, Smartphones,
etc? Many have found their place in dictionaries.
Such words usually achieve fame once they have
proven to deliver a constant meaning. The construction
industry has a few, much to the chagrin of the manufac-
turers, ‘Caterpillars’ are often referred to in new bulletins
to mean a dozer of any brand. A ‘JCB: in Europe and
‘Lull’ in America are similarly used.
Most words are of English origin, so it is nice to see a
German word that is rapidly becoming a common word
in certain sectors of the construction industry.
“Bauma” or as the brand owners prefer to be called
‘bauma’ stands for Construction Machinery and for many
years was associated with trade events in Germany.
However, so successful were the Messe München
GmbH organisation at organizing the tri-annual trade
events in Munich that they have successfully exported the
concept, the professionalism and the brand name around
the world.
Today, the leading event is ‘Bauma’ attracting 500,000
visitors to the event in Germany. However, there is now
Bauma China, Bauma India and the recently competed
Bauma Africa. There is also Bauma South America under
The events are successful because the organisers keep
to a simple, proven business plan that is obviously adapted
to meet local requirements and market conditions.
Long may they continue to succeed.
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