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In its largest investment in Moldova’s in-
frastructure to date, the European Bank
for Reconstruction and Development
(EBRD) is extending a Euro150m loan fa-
cility to the Moldovan government for the
rebuilding and repair of up to 200 km of
major motorway network.
In addition, the US Government’s
Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)
is investing US$132m in its Moldovan
Compact agreement to rehabilitate 93 km
of the M2 and R9 roads between Sarateni
and the city of Soroca.
A consortium of international con-
tractors has already commenced work
on several of the road construction and
repair projects, using a fleet of 18 New
Holland construction machines that have
already been delivered to site. Among the
equipment are two F156.7A motorgraders,
two W300C wheeled loaders, four W190C
loaders, two WE150B wheeled excavators,
four B115C backhoe loaders and four L220
skid steers.
“A well-functioning transport system is
critical for economic growth, and improving
Moldova’s road infrastructure is one of my
government’s key priorities,” said Prime
Minister Iurie Leanca.
“We expect about 1,000 jobs to be
created by this investment and it will reduce
business costs and increase productivity,
creating economic growth and prosperity
for all.”
The EBRD loan will be used to rehabilitate
sections of the R33 Hincesti-Lapusna M1
road to the Romanian border, the R14
Balti-Sarenteni transport link between
the capital Chisinau and Moldova’s
second largest city Balti, the R9 Soroca-
Arionesti road in the north of the
country and the R34 Hincesti-Leova-
Cantemir road in the south. The loan
will also help to fund the new 17 km
M3 Slobozia Mare bypass.
“Located at a geographical cross-
roads and bordering the European
Union, Moldova’s roads are becoming
increasingly important for the eco-
nomic development of the country
and the wider region,” said Julia
New Holland fleet
for infrastructure
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Contractors World - International Vol 5 No 1
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