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Contractors World - International Vol 5 No 1
New Year. New
With the start of 2014, can we believe
the various comments on market recovery? As this issue
illustrates with its numerous site reports, there is certainly
a lot of activity going on around the world.
With ConExpo just around the corner, there is also the
usual flurry of new equipment as manufacturers make last
minute introductions to meet the imminent new emission
And if the rapidly increasing readership of Contractors
World International is any indication, there are a lot of
people looking for cost efficient solutions.
This issue has been distributed to 98,413 individuals
around the world. This makes the magazine, by a sig-
nificant margin, the world’s most widely read title serving
the construction and related industries.
It is also proof that the industry is more than willing to
accept digital publications and the rich content they make
Interesting New World
The world that emerges from the global recession will be
much different to the past. The projects will be more de-
manding with technology playing an ever increasing role.
There will also be a widening differential in machine
specifications as the markets come to terms with two very
different standards. This has forced manufacturers to de-
velop two ranges - one to meet Tier IV emission standards
and another to meet the much lower standards that are
essential in some key markets.
I do not see any massive innovations from the industry.
Contractors and manufacturers will focus on more effi-
cient solutions that do not impact on productivity.
Health and safety will continue to be an issue as more
and more countries are coerced into implementing the
most basic of safety regulations. Banning use of child
labour would be a good start.
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