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New Zealand
Checking Out The Blue
Sky of Auckland
Routine inspection is one of the satisfactory after-
sales services provided for SinoBoom’s clients. Senior
Service Engineers take the initiative to inspect ma-
chines to identify any problems in advance. And in
order to keep the machines running normally, the
engineers remind the clients of the importance of
maintaining the machines.
The company’s product entered New Zealand in
2012 with three series of aerial work platform that
have well received, particularly to the rental sector.
Recently, the engineer team arrived in New
Zealand and has started the routine inspection for
3 months.
All the machines were given an overall check, including every bolt joint. They take a
responsible and dedicated attitude towards each customer by providing thorough exami-
nation and ensuring the operator’s safety.
In addition to inspecting the machines, each of the rental companies has been assigned
an operator trainer.
Page 5
Contractors World - International Vol 5 No 1
ZX290LC-5 assigned
to railway project
A new Hitachi ZX290LC-5 has been assigned
to a tunnel construction project under the
main railway line in central Norway. Farbu &
Gausen has added the Zaxis-5 medium ex-
cavator to its expanding fleet of construction
Prior to the construction of the tunnel, a
local farmer had to cross the track to gain access to his land. The critical part of the project
involved the closure of the track from the Saturday morning (at 6 am) until the Sunday night
(at midnight).
This enabled Farbu & Gausen to remove 30 m of track, excavate the tunnel, and lift the
framework for the interior of the tunnel into place. The contractor then added the concrete
to reinforce the structure, installed the safety barriers alongside the railway line and finally
laid the tracks back in place. An access road linking one side of the tunnel to the other was
also constructed.
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