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Big Power Pack
for Putzmeister
Recently Putzmeister Concrete
Pumps GmbH supplied an unusual
PUMI. The truck mixer concrete
pump was constructed for Kjell
Magne Gronli in Norway on a
1+3 Volvo chassis.
For the Putzmeister engineers and
fitters this was not an unusual order on
first glance. On a closer look at the specifi-
cation they were impressed: The engine of
this model delivers 750 HP (551 kW).
Kjell Magne Gronli ordered the FH 16
750, the strongest possible engine, with
a cubic capacity of 16 litres and massive
torque; a 28 m placing boom and a 9 m³
mixer drum delivering 3,350 Nm.
Why buy such a power pack? The cus-
tomer was won over by its new Intermix
truck mixer on a Volvo chassis. The local
conditions around Haugesund also played a
role. At such power, the unit easily tackles
every task.
Kjell Magne Gronli said “The reason
I decided to purchase this Volvo chassis
was my Intermix truck mixer. It has a triple
axis, 3.3 m wheel¬base, 660 HP, the au-
tomatic Volvo I-shift transmission, rear air
suspension, a drum with a volume of 9 m³
and telescopic chute.”
“For me it was obvious to purchase an-
other Volvo vehicle when I received a new
contract from NorBetong AS in Haugesund.”
“When it came to the decision of the
actual work machine, the concrete pump,
there was no doubt: It had to be Putzmeister.”
“Reliable, good to drive, superb solu-
tions for daily work. High range, 5.5” feed
pipe, large hopper with powerful agitator
and excellent pump power. But it was mainly
quality that was key.”
“Now I look forward to my work at the
coolest workstation in all of Norway.”
Modern goes for
Skyjack Inc. agrees to supply more than 250
aerial work platforms to Modern (Singapore)
Access & Equipment Pte. Ltd.
Comprised mainly of electric scissors,
the agreement represents a significant in-
vestment designed to improve the size and
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