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capability of the company’s rental fleet.
“The main deciding factor was Skyjack’s
reputation for low maintenance ownership
and operating costs,” said Klein Phua,
Modern’s assistant general manager. “Our
customers need a product that is easy to use
and we like to ensure that if any problems
arrive they are simple to diagnosis and
repair, and the machines are back in op-
eration quickly at minimum cost. The ability
of Skyjack to meet these needs was easily
demonstrated and certainly their popularity
in the region, particularly in Korea, backs
the product’s good standing. The addition of
Skyjack to our rental fleet will greatly com-
plement our current rental fleet which con-
sists of various aerial brands. “
Simon Cracknell, Skyjacks’ newly-ap-
pointed business development director for
the region notes that the agreement comes
at an important time for the company as they
seek to grow in this increasingly important
“Today, we are looking to establish sus-
tainable partnerships with dealers and rental
companies, and I am mindful that Moderns’
positive reputation is a good example of how
we wish to grow in the region,” Crackwell
Modern is one of the subsidiary com-
panies of Modern (International) P & M
Holdings Ltd. Its operation in Singapore
commenced in 2008.
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Contractors World - International Vol 5 No 1
The Perfect Solution For Wind Farms
The company Uddevalla Special Transporter AB, is focused on special transports of all kinds,
Uddevalla purchased the current Faymonville VarioMAX trailer especially for transports in
the wind power sector. The company had landed a lucrative contract in wind power, which
assured an increased transport capacity for the coming years.
The latest addition will be used primarily to transport tower elements (up to a length of
27 metres), but it will be used for other task because of it’s multi-functionally.
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