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“To the great men of this Country, in
” states the inscription on
the massive plinth of the Panthéon.
Built between 1758 and 1790 by
the French architect, Soufflot, on
the hill known as the Montagne
Sainte-Geneviève, the neo-classical
structure was meant to be a church
dedicated to the patron saint of
With the passing of the years,
the pressure on its arches, water
seepage caused by leaky joints and
the corrosion of swelling metal com-
ponents, which have cracked open
surrounding stone, has compro-
mised the stability of the structure.
The main caretaker for the na-
tional monument system, has now
undertaken a massive restoration
project. The first phase of this res-
toration work will last until 2015,
starting with the upper part of the
structure at 82 m high (nearly 270
The Panthéon is fragile, and
in order to repair its upper
structure without using the his-
torical building itself as a support,
the colonnaded drum supporting the dome
will be completely covered by free-standing
In order to raise the 350 tonnes of scaf-
folding into the air, Paris Echafaudage de-
signed a metallic structure shaped like a
kitchen stool.
It consists of a reinforced hoop tightened
around the base of the drum and resting on
four legs, each 37 m high and anchored by
The French construction group, Ponticelli,
deployed its Terex AC 700 All Terrain crane to
help raise a complex scaffolding structure.
One of the legs will serve as the base for
a 96 m high tower crane. I
n order to assemble the scaffolding,
Ponticelli configured its AC 700 with a 42 m
luffing jib and 140 tonnes of counterweight.
“Obtaining the permits necessary to
truck in and install this kind of equipment in
the heart of Paris was no easy thing. But it
turned out to be the best option for this type
of project,” explained Stéphane Yorgui from
Ponticelli’s engineering office.
Only four weeks were needed to lift the
Terex All Terrain Crane Works
At The Pantheon
Page 8
Contractors World - International Vol 5 No 1
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