Contractors World International - Vol 5 No 1 - page 9

individual structures into
their desired positions.
The largest of these struc-
tural elements were 20 x
20 m in size, weighed 42
t and had to be hoisted to
a height of 40 m
To cope with different
lift profiles, the team
used the 42 m luffing jib
and worked with varied
main boom extensions
and angles.
As the crane was
working all around the
Pantheon, the crane
had to be repositioned
for every lift. This was
a major consideration
when choosing which
crane configuration to
use, as the time required
to partially dismantle the
crane each move would
have impacted on the
overall project schedule.
With the chosen con-
team needed to only
remove 80 tons of coun-
terweight to move the
crane, as the AC 700
could be transported fully rigged
within the jobsite.
Before each lift, the com-
ponents of the enormous rein-
forced structure were laid out
on the ground and rigged for
the lifts. “These manoeuvres
demanded the highest level of
precision, since the structure
was assembled only a few centi-
metres away from the building.
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