Contractors World International Vol 5 No 2 - page 12

Evora Istanbul,thecity’s largest housingproject,
is being built with the help of 26 construction
hoists from Sweden’s lifting specialist Alimak
Main contractor Teknik Yapı Construction
is using 32 externalAlimak construction hoists
to build the low- and medium-rise structures
of Evora Istanbul, the city’s biggest housing
project,which is beingdevelopedon a300-acre
site on theAnatolia side of Istanbul.
The development consists of a total of 44
blocks,with the high-rise towers erected with
the use of tower cranes.
Twenty six of the hoists, mostly Alimak
Scando 450 units supplied new from the
manufacturer, are being used under a rental
agreementof between sixandeightmonthsun-
dertakenwithAlimakHek’sTurkish distributor
AtillaDural Mumessillik InsaatTurizmTic Ltd.
Teknik Yapi owns the remaining six units,
which form part of the contractor’s own fleet.
There will be 4,300 residential units along
with three shopping districts, and schools and
kindergartens, swimming pools, a spa, play-
grounds, a soccer pitch, and basketball and vol-
leyball courts.
The project began in 2011, with the low-
andmedium-rise units being completed late in
2013 and the high-rise towers scheduled for
completion in the first quarter of 2014.
Four Hek TPM 1300 SD transport plat-
forms,amobile unitwith anopen-top platform
26Alimak constructionhoists for
Istanbul’s largesthousingproject
ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
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