Contractors World International Vol 5 No 2 - page 13

largeenough to takepalletised and largedi-
mension goods,andwith a payload capacity
of 1800 kg,were also used on the site.
“There is a very fast construction
schedule on this site, with many of the
residential units going on sale and being
prepared for early occupancy before the
entire development is completed,”says
TanerOzcan,TeknikYapi’s project manager
at Evora.
“We are a long-time user of Alimak
hoists,andon this project,with such a large
number of structures, we decided on a
rental agreement,workingwithAtillaDural
toensure that thehoist specificationswere
appropriate for the production cycle.
“The Alimak Scando 450 was con-
sidered themost appropriatemodel, given
the fact that most of the structures were
11 or 15 storeys in height, and that the car
has a travel speed of up to 54m/min.
Evora Istanbul will be a new suburb of
the city ofTuzla, and overlooks the Pendik
Marina and theTuzla dockyards,which are
on the Sea of Marmara.The development
has a fast connection to Istanbul city centre
via the E-5 highway and also theMarmaray
mass transitsystem,and isabout10minutes
by car from SabihaGokcenAirport.
ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
A new hotel and apartment complex
underconstruction inMontreal,Quebec,
will have 212 rooms and a hotel will be
located on the first twelve floors.
The apartment section will consist
of 240 rental apartments andwill be lo-
cated on the upper twenty-eight floors.
Construction began in 2011 and the
hotel officially opened in September
2013, while the apartments section
should be completed in 2014.
Whencompleted itwillhave40floors
and be 138metres (453 ft) tall,making it
the tenth tallest building inMontreal
One of the final engineering chal-
lenges for the contractors was removal
of the tower crane used during con-
struction of the tower.
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