Contractors World International Vol 5 No 2 - page 14

ContractorsWorld - International Vol 5No 2
carried out the job at an extreme altitude
on the roof of the newly built hotel.
The derrick crane had to operate in
a very restricted space on the hotel roof
to remove the Liebherr 355 HC-L 12/24
Litronic luffing jib crane safely and reliably.
The 355 HC-L climbed with the IC
tower system in thebuilding to afinal hook
height of over 130 m.The crane demon-
strated its capacity and high hook speed,
particularly in 1-fall operation during the
erection of the hotel's 42 storeys.
After completing the hoistingwork, the
rigging teamdismantled the355HC-L from
the roof of the Courtyard Marriot Hotel
using the derrick crane,within four days.
In contrast to conducting dismantling
work from the ground, this job did not re-
quire any major roadblocks which would
have adversely affected the other con-
struction work.The heavy components of
the luffing jibcranewere loweredsafelyand
at an adequate distance from the building
since the 200 DR has a variable radius of
up to 25m.
After dismantling the luffing jib crane,
the derrick crane was used for a further
twomonths on the hotel roof to helpwith
the roofingwork.
After this, the 200 DR 5/10 Litronic
derrick crane was also dismantled. Its low
package weights and compact dimensions
(2.20 m x 1.10 m x 1.10 m ) meant that
the crane components could be lowered
to the ground using a load elevator.
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